Bitcoin Revolution Review

What Is Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is an auto trading crypto bot that helps users to trade cryptocurrency and renders big profits to users. The software claims that the average win rate that traders would get here is about 88%.

In this text, we will try to compile up a guide  about the Bitcoin Revolution in detail so that if you’re wondering which automated crypto bot to choose, you will get the right idea about this one.

If you have been trading or mining cryptocurrencies, then you must have seen those advertisements on your social media where it would say that automated crypto bots have been making people rich. But as you would agree, there is a lot of fake news that surfaces on social media every day. But in order to find out if Bitcoin Revolution actually does what it claims, give this post a very careful read.

Bitcoin Revolution is just one of the many automatic cryptocurrency trading softwares that are available on the Internet. With a win rate of 88%, this software does what it says, it can make its users big profits. The only reason why we’re considering bitcoin revolution is that it has got excellent reviews from its users, especially beginners. And as you know, we derive our pleasure by educating you all, which is why we would begin the bitcoin revolution review.

Here Is How The Bitcoin Revolution Works?

The capacity of the platform to analyse is the very reason why it’s preferable to use this to trade huge data, as having to do this manually is not only tedious, but also time-consuming. With more data to analyse, and with the speed with which the software works, it makes trading decisions more accurate, and the chances of higher profit heightened. With trading bots and software such as the Bitcoin Revolution app, market analysing can be done within a short time and the making of precise calculated corresponding trade for the account. These bots are able to perform hundreds and thousands of moves within milliseconds.

The Bitcoin Revolution is not only programmed to trade automatically, as one can still trade manually at one’s own discretion, which makes the platform suiting for both experts and beginners users. With the automatic trade, the bot takes full control of every action regarding trade and analysis, such that, users may not need to spend more than 20 minutes to manage and monitor their account, as to eliminate any form of errors.

Creating an account on Bitcoin Revolution

Step 1: Registration

The first step is easy and simple. It’s about filling out a form in which you must provide your full name and then enter a password to protect your account, and finally your email and your phone number. After you register, which is quite easy and simple, you will be connected with a broker and you will be able to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Demo account

This step is optional, but we recommend it as one of the first strategies to avoid the risks of losses. What is it about? It is a demonstration mode, which is a way to experiment with the platform and perform trades with fictitious money within the platform, but in a very similar way to what the real operations will be once you have deposited money in your account. We recommend to try it to learn the different operations that you can execute on the platform, so that once you have familiarised yourself with everything, you can start trading for real.

Step 3: Live trading

This step might be the most important one because this is where you are going to tell the robot exactly how you want it to do the things for you. Remember this: the great advantage of trading robots is they can do all the work for you.

In this step you can access the control panel where you can basically set up all the details about how you expect the robot to operate.

Then, you will also have access to the history of operations to see both successful and failed operations. You can also “open trades” to check them in real time, as well as being able to switch the live account to the demo account, or vice versa, depending on what you want to do at any time.

Step 4: Deposit

Once you have set up your account and you have everything ready to start trading, it’s time to deposit real money to start using your live account and start trading trough Bitcoin trading with Bitcoin Revolution. Remember, Bitcoin Revolution is free but you require some funds to start trading with the brokers.

The accepted  payment methods are Visa and Master credit cards, Neteller, Skrill. The brokers usually require a minimum deposit of $250 USD to begin placing trades with Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution Scam or Trustworthy?

The precise and go-to answer to this question is YES! Bitcoin Revolution is definitely legitimate. Of course, automatic crypto bots are a recent invention, but a number of these have successfully been able to create profits. And, we don’t refrain from adding Bitcoin Revolution in this list.

While going through the Internet, you will come across several automatic trading softwares, which will claim high win rates. But how would you select one from an entire ocean? If you’ve stumbled upon Bitcoin Revolution then congratulations you’ve chosen one of the most honest and legitimate softwares.

We say so based on a test conducted by us in which we were able to convert $250 into $1399 in our first trade. Although Bitcoin Revolution is not as exaggerated as it must look in advertisements, it’s still a decent benefit. Thus, the claim of 88% win rate strands proved.

  • Upto 88-95% Return; higher than market average.
  • We made $1399 as a profit.
  • Multiple Debit and Credit Card Supported for depositing money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I Use a Robot to Buy and Trade Bitcoin?

The main reason is because the robots take care of your investment while you sleep or attend to other issues of life. Secondly, they have better accuracy than humans do, especially if you are new to cryptocurrency trading. Hence, they maximise your gains. Again, robots are not susceptible to emotions and can test different trading strategies at the same time quickly and faster than humans can.

2. Have any Celebrities Endorsed Bitcoin Revolution?

Many A-list celebrities have expressed their support for cryptocurrencies. However, this trading robot does not have any verified endorsement from any celebrities specifically.

3. Does Bitcoin Revolution Have a Mobile App?

Unfortunately no. This Bitcoin robot is currently web-based. You can access the platform using any modern browser and on all devices.

4. What are the Expected Returns?

This Bitcoin robot states a 95% accuracy levels and $1300 per day, but these are the highest the robot can deliver not the usual daily standards. The average success rate is 88%, and the returns depend on how much you invest.

5. Do I Need to Know Anything Else?

All the information provided in this review may change as the developers improve their system or market shifts. Again, past success does not guarantee future ones. Therefore, conduct your research before using this Bitcoin robot as a trading robot.

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Before answering this question, let us first cruise the other side to find out what an automated crypto trading software is! Long back when mixer grinders were not commonly found in every kitchen, people used to churn vegetables with their hand. Thus, in simple terms, manual labour was required. But when mixed grinders were available at an affordable price, it took a boom in the market as now one only needs to press a button to get their veggies cut or ground.

Much in the same way, the automatic trading softwares have done away with the requirement of human research and effort that is required while trading. Having said so, you only need to register yourself on the platform, grab a seat and let it do its task. It will compare your investment according to its algorithm and help in increasing your profit.

Let us inform you that the Bitcoin Revolution asks for absolutely no subscription fees. They have created an excellent algorithm, and only uphold 1% of the total profit of a profit-making individual. This means that the software is available free for use.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface also corresponds to the fame of Bitcoin Revolution. One only needs to register, deposit and begin trading to make huge profits!


While this Bitcoin robot needs to tone down its sales pitch, it is a legitimate trading robot. Overselling itself is its main undoing.

Another issue with the robot is its lack of control over fake news. There has been a lot of fakes stories about its partnership and endorsement by different celebrities only for the said celebrities to disown the stories. The resulting negative publicity puts questions to the legitimacy of an otherwise legit trading robot.

Now that you know how this robot works, what to expect, and how to answer to the naysayers, you can create an account with the robot and start trading. Signup and use the demo account to learn the ropes before putting your money into it. However, remember that occasional losses are inevitable when using a trading robot, whether the underlying software is legitimate or not.