Immediate Edge Review

What is the Immediate Edge Bot?

Let us start by first understanding what the Immediate Edge bot is.

According to the website, this bot has been designed to use artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms in order to scan and identify potentially profitable trading opportunities in the financial markets. The bot can be installed quickly onto any PC or mobile device, giving you the convenience and flexibility to trade at any time and from anywhere. A benefit of the Immediate Edge bot is that it is able to quickly scan all the major exchanges to find price differences in the digital currencies. That is, since cryptos are not regulated, the same digital currency can have a different price on the different exchanges.

A Few Alternatives That Work

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Does Immediate Edge really Work With All Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

The short and resounding answer is NO, it does not. These liars are saying it in order to make their narrative more believable but its a lie and complete fabrication. They are also using pictures of the Winklevoss twins and Bill Gates to deliver their message. Unfortunately everything is taken totally out of context and used in the most manipulative and misleading manner.

Is It Free?

Take a wild guess, you guessed it absolutely not! They will charge you at least $/£/€250 in order to get started, sometimes as much as $/£/€500. This money will be deducted from your credit card statement by the broker which was assigned to you.

Still Trust Immediate Edge App?

Don’t do it! No matter how enticing the offer may seem we have proven that Immediate Edge is a confirmed scam. If you signup we can guarantee that you will end up losing your money (and your self dignity), so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Other Viral Scams Trending

The ones to watch out for are Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Revolution.

Fake Immediate Edge Reviews

Actually we are first to expose so we only saw one but more will follow for sure!

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Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

There is no doubt about it. Immediate Edge is a scam app that targets new traders and hands them directly to unregulated brokers to be scammed. Do not join this trading site and make sure to warn all your friends about it as well.

If you would like us to check a site for you and see if it is safe or not, let us know in the comments below or by sending us a message!

  • The first step is to register. At the top of the page of Immediate Edge website, you will see the registration form that will require your full name, email address, and phone number, including your country code. Later on, you need to create your password for you to log in then. Afterward, you are now officially created your account.
  • For the second step, deposit an amount to your account.Just after you created an account, you will be connected to the robot broker to make a deposit. The minimum amount of investment to start is $250. Just enter your payment details, and you can use any of the options given. You can use your credit card or debit card, Skrill or Klarna. There is also an option for bank transfer. Other currencies aside from USD are also available such as British Pound, Swiss Franc, and Euro. After funding your account, you can start trading.
  • The third step is the demo trading.Demo trading is not always available. Its availability depends on the broker that will be connected to you after you sign up. Thus, this step is only an option available for some and not for others.
  • The fourth step and the last is to start your live trading.Even though Immediate Edge is an automatic trading bot, you still have to look for your trading setting to make sure that what’s on it is your preference. Some things that you have to take note of are the stop loss, investment amount, amount of daily trades to the maximum, and others. When you are satisfied with your trading setting, that’s the time that you may now switch the auto trading button and trade live. Always monitor your losses or your profits.

Since cryptocurrencies were introduced into the financial markets, their popularity has grown extensively. In fact, a simple search online will show you just how many people have become millionaires simply because they took advantage of the many lucrative trading opportunities that cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are offering. The good news is that the train hasn’t left the station and there is still money to be made trading digital currencies. Even better news is that over the years, many products, software and services have been developed to improve trading accuracy and inevitably, profitability.

Today, we are going to review the Immediate Edge Bot in detail. We are going to evaluate its benefits and disadvantages and more importantly, we are going to assess if this bot REALLY delivers as it promises to.

So, let’s get started.


Success Rate

The Immediate Edge Bot integrates seamlessly with a wide range of exchanges, such as Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex and many more. Using blockchain technology, it is then able to establish where one can buy cryptos at the best price and where they can be sold for a profit. Since the technology and algorithms used by the Immediate Edge Bot are so advanced, they are able to deliver a 98.9% success rate, which means that all their private group members are clearly enjoying the profits. In fact, it states on the site that one can earn over $2,000 every day. This is done by making lots of little profits buying cryptos at a low price and selling them at a high price. The end results are big profit.