Lopp’s Links For Learning Bitcoin

It is fascinating and multifaceted topic. This requires a lot of research. It has been a decade since I first attempted to understand it. I also tried to help others. Over the years, I kept coming up with the same questions over and over again. I began bookmarking resources to save time searching for them.

I eventually decided that it would be easier to just collect them all in one place. Thus was born in 2015 in support of the Bitcoin Special Interest Group I started. It started as a single page, with only a few links. Now it has 40 pages with subcategories and over 1,500 links.

This is my ongoing curation project to allow you to browse the many high-quality articles that have been written about bitcoin and other related topics over the years.

I will answer the why and how of bitcoin for those who are just starting. The whitepaper is a simple, non-technical English text that should be read by everyone. However, translations are available for dozens of languages.

While you can gain a good understanding of the network in a matter of minutes, a deeper dive into the protocol could take several weeks. Beyond the technical details, there are many questions and criticisms about the economics, game theory and the future development of the network. Bitcoin is so complex that many people have tried to explain why it’s so difficult to understand.

Although you won’t become an expert within an hour, day, or week of digesting the content from bitcoin.page, you will be more prepared to use this technology.