Meet the Unknown Fund: Donating $75M Bitcoin to Privacy Initiatives

As you likely know, the data of citizens are being pushed into the hands of a small set of companies. And this isn’t good.

The oil of the 21st century, data is what drives today’s society; everything you do online is logged and used-often under the guise of ‘improving your life.’ Sometimes, services don’t even ask for permission when gathering your information.

Sure, data collection has benefited society-think Google Maps and airport security. The centralization of data, however, is a slippery slope. Just look to George Orwell’s ‘1984,’ in which the society of Oceania, where everything is tracked by a digital panopticon, is depicted.

Orwell’s fictional society eliminates individuality by outlawing thought-crime. Corporate attempts to aggregate data are a step in converting our society to 1984’s.

Just look at the Cambridge Analytica scandal, during which the political consulting firm managed to glean into the lives of 87 million American profiles without their permission. When a loss of privacy affects the democratic process, that’s when you know things have gone too far.

In short, privacy – which has actually been classified as a fundamental human right by the United Nations – is on its way out the door. And unfortunately to those that value it, there are few individuals, companies, or governments stepping in to stem the already-fleeting sense of privacy.

Donating $75 Million to Reintroduce Privacy Into Society

Enter ‘ Unknown Fund.’ Announced in a press release published to an independent website on November 13th, a group of ‘ordinary’ though anonymous people (seeming crypto whales) plan to invest and donate some $75 million worth of Bitcoin to companies and non-profits looking to aid privacy rights:

— — — —

That is that Bitcoin whales have come together to create a charitable fund.

‘The organisation Unknown Fund has declared that it intends to invest and donate $75 million in bitcoin into startups which indirectly or directly encourage the idea of anonymity. Preference will be given to the following markets: security of information, tools such as cryptocurrency anonymity and blockchain,’ the release reads.

And in this author’s view, that’s only as crucial as opportunity and pressing problems in today’s society. Explaining this fund is needed, the people composed that the’protection of private data [is] one of the challenges for contemporary person,’ adding that the use of information has’become a powerful tool for manipulating individuals ‘ Referring to the Cambridge Analytica debacle and many others the anonymous wrote:

‘Using as examples the ultra-targeted advertising and at the past presidential elections in the USA, an individual can see how easy it’s to control public opinion with data that is private that is sufficient.’

While it seems that the Unknown Fund spouses will be providing funds through Bitcoin it seems that there’ll be a pure focus on blockchain cryptocurrencies. The media release especially cited’blockchain and cryptocurrencies’ as key technologies to’protect the rights and freedoms of people,’ while also mentioning that the $75 million will help the introduction of a’new environment, a fresh and honest monetary system, and to make the planet a better place’ – the rhetoric of many Bitcoiners.