Valkyrie Investments CEO On Bitcoin: “Absolutely A Digital Store Of Value”

Leah Wald, CEO of Valkyrie Investments, was interviewed by Bloomberg Quicktake. She spoke about the bitcoin price which was hovering at $48,000 at the time.

Wald stated that if bitcoin can surpass $50,000 and keep this price, we expect this bull run will take it to near the tops in the fourth quarter. “I’m excited about October, and I’m excited about Q4.”

So far, her predictions have come true. Bitcoin has jumped above $50,000 since Tuesday. Around $27 million worth of BTC futures shorts had been liquidated. Today, it climbed to $55,000.

Wald also rejected Dimon’s claim that bitcoin has no intrinsic worth and is “a little bit fool’s gold”.

Wald stated that he didn’t believe it was fool’s gold. Wald stated, “I believe it is a wonderful digital asset and has done an amazing job in nailing the store of value narrative.”

She said that she believes we are still in the collectibles phase. It is becoming a strong monetary network and a digital storehouse of value.

Valkyrie Investments’ head also spoke out about the Federal Reserve’s recent actions regarding a central bank digital money (CBDC). She anticipates that the Federal Reserve will soon begin to review the pros and cons for a CBDC in America and invite public feedback on the digital currency.

Wald said that she believes the Bitcoin price would see a very bullish outcome if there was a digital currency.

“I believe that a digital dollar would strengthen and solidify the case for Bitcoin.