BitQt Review

What is BitQT ?

BitQT is an automatic trading robot. This trading robot is using scam brokers and tricks to make people deposits and steal their hard earned money.

The way that BitQT works is that the algorithm it is based on is rigged. The software will make the traders win the first few trades and then once the trader is feeling comfortable and positive, the software will loose all their money ! The trades are placed automatically and are not accurate at all.

BitQT is a trading app for cryptocurrencies. It works automatically, which means that it opens and closes cryptocurrency deals for you. It is said to be able to generate quite large profits.

The official website of BitQT state the following program features:

  • fully automatic
  • wins 99.4% of trades
  • requires only 20 minutes of work a day
  • earns at least $ 110 a day

And now the most important thing: BitQT is available for free. So, we’re supposed to believe that this free system will earn us thousands of dollars a month, with little to no work.

Is BitQT safe?

No, BitQT is not safe. You may be surprised, but in reality BitQT is not a program at all. In short, it does not exist.

Everything you can read on the BitQT website is a lie. All is pure fiction. You cannot make money with this program.

Opening a BitQT Account – Step by Step

If you have decided to invest in crypto, it is easy to start trading using BitQT.

Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Set-up your account

It is an easy process.

Simply go to the BitQT website and fill out the registration form.

You will need to give some necessary information such as email, phone number, and name. The information you provided is protected.

STEP 2: Place funds into your account

There is a minimum $250 deposit, which will serve as your capital. It will give you access to the trading platforms and allow you to start making a profit.

Best of all, It is at this point that the trading coach will contact you to advise you on getting started.

STEP 3: Try the Demo Trading feature

You can utilize this to familiarize yourself with the software and learn how everything works.

There is a lot of information available, and you can use it without any risk before you feel ready to start trading.

STEP 4: Begin trading!

Now is the time when the real excitement begins! Start trading when the trading signals are optimum and grow your investment.

The software claims a 99% accuracy rate so you can begin making significant profits when the program generates signals. You will have multiple alerts per day, and you can choose manual or automatic investments.

The process of setting up BitQT is hassle-free and quick. Then it is just a case of familiarizing yourself with the system, and the more you learn, the easier the process will seem.

My advice is to start small and then scale up your investments over time.


BitQT scam

BitQT is really a scam, an investment scam that wants to get your money. It relies on lies to sell to the user the idea that it is easy to make money in stock market trading, but BitQT has no real trading software.

We provide the following evidence in our review that BitQT is fraudulent.

A cloned scam

Fraudsters have been a bit sluggish in recent years and they have been just cloning their scams, only changing their names. The websites were the same, so you could easily see that it was the same hoax every time.

At first glance, BitQT differs from the rest, but when you take a closer look, it still is just a copy of a known scam. The respective properties, functions and results of this system are absolutely identical to the scams that we have already reviewed, such as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Loophole.

Since the texts on the websites of these systems are more or less identical, it is obvious that we are dealing with the same fraud here.

Unfulfilled promises

On the BitQT website you will find a calculator that calculates how much you can earn with this system. You simply enter the amount of the initial deposit and you can, for example, calculate how much you will earn per month.

In our picture, for example, you can see that with this software, with a deposit of one thousand dollars, more than five thousand jump out in just one month. In other words, BitQT is said to manage to quintuple your money within 30 days.

And that is absolute nonsense. In theory, such a successful month can happen in trading with cryptocurrencies, but this is not something that can be repeated regularly. BitQT promises you that you will multiply your capital this way indefinitely. And that is simply impossible.

Important BitQT Features


The team studied the platform’s payout system thoroughly. It’s highly transparent and accurate with its dealings. Of course, the system calculates your payout, and you get the money when the live trade session is done.

Verification System

We had to submit personal details to verify our account. This is an important step to confirm and check that the info that any account owner is accurate.

Withdrawal System

Of course, you can’t earn all that money and just let it sit there. You need to be able to withdraw it. With BitQT, it takes only 24 hours to complete your transaction when the live trades are done. Plus, there aren’t hidden fees.

Service Charges

When you complete a live trading session, BitQT removes some of the profit (a small percentage). This covers the platform’s expenses and maintenance and is the only charge located on the platform.

Customer Support

There is a 24/7 support system that anyone can use. If you need help, you get it fast.

My team is quite impressed with BitQT. It’s hard to understand the rules when it comes to trading Bitcoin. In the past, only experienced cryptocurrency traders could make money on the market.

Now, anyone can get rich fast without any effort since the trading robot does it for you.

Investment Tips for Beginners:

The good news here is you never have to invest a lot. Minimum deposits are as low as $250, which allows you to study the system better and find out how it works – all while the money multiplies. We experienced the rush of investing and found it only took a few days to earn significant profits from that small sum.

Withdraw Your Money

Once you complete a live trade session, it’s essential to make withdrawals. You can save some of the profits for reinvesting, too.

Follow the Trends

The market can provide you with a lot of information, but you need to keep updated with it. You don’t need to spend untold hours researching, but know what’s happening.

Invest What Can Be Lost

Please don’t take unnecessary risks. Instead, you should invest what can safely be lost. Don’t use your nest egg or any money needed for bills.

Is There a Mobile App?

We had many inquiries about this, so we looked through the Play Store on Android and iOS. However, there were no mobile apps available. You don’t need one because the platform is web-based. Therefore, it works on any mobile device or computer.

The Verdict: Is BitQT Legit?

We are absolutely satisfied with BitQT and can confidently recommend this auto trader to anyone who desires a passive income online. In fact, this was our best experience with an auto-trading platform.

BitQT works, and we tested each of the features and the live trading function. In fact, we made profits and withdrew our money without issues. The system is simple and easy to use, and you only need to spend around 20 minutes every day to make it work.

Also, BitQT is confirmed to be registered.

>>Open a BitQT Account Today<<


What’s the success rate for BitQT?

We use analytical tools to help us determine how successful any auto-trader is. It showed that the transactional success rate is very high.

Has BitQT been celebrity-endorsed?

No, we didn’t find proof that celebrities have endorsed BitQT. If it happens, though, the information is sure to be published on the site.

Can I make my withdrawals in cryptocurrency?

No, the earnings you make are automatically converted to local currency and then send to the bank account of your choice.

Is BitQT safe?

Yes, BitQT is extremely safe. All of the communications and data you send on the platform are secure and encrypted.

Who can use BitQT?

Anyone can use BitQT to make money. There aren’t any restrictions, and no specialized experience or knowledge is needed. The trading bots do the work for you.